About - Colli Daniela
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Daniela Colli graduated from the Faculty of Architecture in Florence and in 2009 founded in Rome COLLIDANIELARCHITETTO.


The ability to combine a contemporary vision of society, its needs and the cultural and historic roots of design and architecture, are the distinctive features of the studio’s projects, which skilfully mix past and future.


From furniture to interior design and architecture, with particular attention to the contract, Daniela Colli’s activity stands out for its extreme attention to detail, both in the design and construction phases. The challenging elements of each project, such as the singularity of the site, the target and the needs of the client, are the catalysts of its architecture.


The studio is composed of a team of young architects who work under her guidance on a wide range of residential and commercial projects such as shops, showrooms, spas, offices, bars, restaurants and hotels.