The Palazzetto - Colli Daniela
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Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

The Palazzetto

The Palazzetto, restaurant and wine bar, has an aesthetic language coherent with the historical nature of the building in which it is located, a site with a strong symbolic and functional identity: a home that devotes its space to the surroundings, and opens to the city and its people as a venue for specific events, moments of urban everyday life and hotel entertainment, designed to attract and engage a wide, diverse audience. The use of contemporary materials, of the color red and of mirrors to multiply the image of objects become tools to create disruptive elements in a rigorous neoclassical frame. The cocktail bar counter is a light and vibrating element, whose three-dimensional macro-scale decor transforms it into a purely functional object, like the large bottle holder belt.

Hassler Roma S.p.a.
110 sm