Photographer © Matteo Piazza

Kufra Hall

Kufra Hall is a multifunctional space located within the Oasi di Kufra Hotel in Sabaudia, facing a beach overlooking Mount Circeo. The combination of architecture, light and sound has generated the transformation of a large grey void into an ever-evolving space, an environment where the use of light generates theatrical and narrative scenarios. The DNA of the project is the lozenge matrix element, with its strong formal identity and functional identity.
Cylindrical pillars wrapped in an ethereal metal mesh, whose texture stretches and opens like the corolla of a flower, constitute the ideal support for a ‘light shell’ made of rhombus blades, which create an emotional-sensory space wrapped in light and sound. An extremely sophisticated technological universe, where real and virtual spaces merge, waiting to be experienced.

Oasi di Kufra s.r.l.
770 sm