Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

Kufra Lounge Bar

Kufra Lounge Bar is the beach bar of the Oasi di Kufra Hotel in Sabaudia, overlooking the water in the stunning natural setting of Mount Circeo. A location with a double soul, reflecting daytime beach fun and balmy nightlife, cleverly combines the pleasure of seaside life with functional architecture. The refined decoration is inspired by the use of gypsum, typical of the Moroccan riads, through the creation of a complex frieze that infinitely repeats to become a three-dimensional element that serves not only as an elaborate counter decoration but also organizes the interior space. White, glassless lanterns create an intimate and evocative atmosphere, thanks to their permeability, which heightens the perception of the sea wind.

Oasi di Kufra s.r.l.
320 sm