Photographer: © Matteo Piazza


LIÒN has been designed as part of a historical building from the Rationalist era: the bold lines and the saturated colors in maximalist style, contrast with the austerity of the Palazzo that encompassed it, to give back to the city fragments of the Dolce Vita. The circle is the matrix of the dynamic elements, with soft and sinuous lines, which characterize the interiors, from the subtle and arched friezes that envelop the space, to the deep three-dimensional lozenge screen of the lacquered ottoman, the colorful boiserie, and the curved supports that cradle the bottle holder suspended on the counter. LIÒN is a universe of materials, colors and geometries, slender metal structures frame colourful transparent elements, such as discs suspended above the black marble tables or the lozenge elements of the bottle rack above the counter, giving rise to a formal ethereal vocabulary with a contemporary flavour.

Tridente Collection
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