Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

Motta Milano 1928

Motta reopens where, in 1928, the brand’s story began between the Duomo and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, which with its 150 years of history is considered the living room of Milan, a symbol of Italianness through out the world. The venue embraces its guests in an inviting atmosphere, through the reinterpretation of the stylistic elements of the past among large surfaces in Canaletto walnut, polychrome marble and sculptural mirrors from which vibrating walls rise, reflecting the beauty of the gallery and echoing the frenetic flow of people. The dynamism of the dismantled geometry of the marble floor, which climbs sculptural walls in mirrors and glass, sets the rhythm of the customer’s journey. Thin lines, inspired by the spiers of the Duomo, generate three-dimensional elements and decorative patterns enhanced by the brand’s color palette, linking Motta to its city, through an elegant mix of local identities, traditional materials and elements of contemporary design.

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