Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Boulangerie Italiana

VyTA Boulangerie Italiana offers the world’s oldest product in one of the most representative places in Italy: bread and its derivatives within the Roma Termini Station, emblem of the speed of metropolitan life. A black portal separates the space from the hectic urban and extra-urban tourist flows, while colors and graphic design evoke the fascinating bakeries of the past. The black Corian monolithic counter stands out against the oak wood wall, projecting the traveler towards the deepest and most intimate part of the venue. A large decorative wall, a macro-scale crack inspired by the aroma of bread crust, is the background for social tables illuminated by globes that reflect the surrounding space, amplifying the convivial, ceremonious pleasure of eating together: an ancient ritual, less widespread and more necessary in the third millennium.

Retail Food s.r.l.
150 sm