Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Fine Food

VyTA fine food is a contemporary grocery in the busy Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence. It’s an imaginative update of the traditional Florentine enoteca, a unique mix of extensive wine and food, where wine lists from vineyards throughout the territory can be combined with lots of tasty treats to exalt their flavours. A dark atmosphere achieved by using black steel, sahara noir marble and rose gold copper for the furniture, black colour on ceiling with a warm oak wood for the floor. Pure geometric shapes that complement each other breathe life into an innovative, contemporary space, rose gold copper overturned volcanos dominate the sahara noir marble counters, the distinguishing feature of the grocery and fine food shop. VyTA fine food is a perfect location for foodies and wine-lovers.

Retail Food s.r.l.
214 sm