Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Santa Margherita

Recipient of a special mention by the jury of the National Architecture Award in the category “Author Bar and Restaurants”, this project builds a universe of food-related meanings, through its functional layout and elegant materials. Water, grain, wine, oil and fire are the stars of a perpetual slow-motion movie, screened on the videowall a new form of entertainment for increasingly interconnected and tech-savvy customers. The counter has a fluid and enveloping shape, a softly curved line emphasized by a suspended sail on the ceiling, made of variable slats in natural oak wood. With their infrared lamps, LED lighting and sound diffusion, black metal “technological umbrellas’ reformulate the volume of the monumental atrium of Milano Centrale train station to human scale, making the outdoor seating space intimate and welcoming.

Retail Food s.r.l.
180 sm