Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Santa Margherita

Material and chromatic contrasts characterize VyTA Santa Margherita at the Turin Porta Nuova station. The alternation of oak softness with the color black in its various material declinations, creates an emotional, theatrical environment, while the warmth of the natural texture is enhanced by the contrast with black surfaces and volumes. The hood, which is the star of the space, thanks to the shape and size of the oak staves reminiscent of traditional bread basket twine, remodels the architectural volume to make the space less monumental and more intimate. The rosette becomes an oversized pattern that envelopes the space, transformed by the mirror surface into a kaleidoscope of infinite reflections that generate a perpetually-changing shell. Sculptural lamps dominate the hexagonal tables, which evoke the pure geometry of beehives through their shape and arrangement.

Retail Food s.r.l.
150 sm