Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Santa Margherita

VyTA Santa Margherita Florence is located in the former first class waiting room of the Santa Maria Novella station, a masterpiece of 1930s Italian rationalist architecture designed by architect Giovanni Michelucci. The protection of the listed building’s heritage was a considerable challenge for the design of a VyTA, which focuses on the interaction between the site and its identity in order to provide a unique experience for customers, while at the same time embodying the identity of the brand. The new characteristic elements, which are made with fine materials such as copper, glass and marble, interface with the existing historic features. The fusion of different historical eras that coexist and complete each other, give life to a luxurious bakery. The use of sleek and mirrored surfaces nullifies the volumes, while the fine, elegant lines of the design create tridimensional elements.

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