Photographer: © Matteo Piazza

VyTA Villa Borghese

VyTA Santa Margherita is a cafe, bakery and fine restaurant within Rome’s Casa del Cinema (House of Cinema) in Villa Borghese park, the city’s beating green heart and 17th century Italian masterpiece. The project is characterized by deeply-rooted cinematographic inspiration: the pixel is the star. It is a matrix of ornamental patterns that evokes moving images in a vortex of materials and colors. Large sculptural lamps with a sophisticated and iconic design, and old-fashioned light bulbs reminiscent of dressing room mirrors converse with suggestive, large black and white images of Italian actors, icons of the “Dolce Vita”, which grace the walls. Intriguing in its striking expressivity, VyTA Santa Margherita is a flexible and dynamic venue, where conviviality meets the world of cinema and the beauty of Rome’s cultural and landscape heritage.

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